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Luna Noel began in 2016 by two friends who had a desire to create a new type of apothecary. Creations based on energy, the earth elements, alchemy, and wildcrafted or organic plant essences. Our products have nothing to hide and we will tell you everything in each one, that’s part of our philosophy, no secrets. We study energy medicine, aromatherapy, crystals, the universe, and more. We are students of life, that bring that knowledge into our business. Our story begins with the antagonist Lyme Disease and continues on as Luna Noel a business that changed our lives.

What we aspire to do is create apothecary products, primarily Element Elixirs, that have intention and ritual behind them. During the full moon period, we hand pour our elixirs on crystals slabs while we listen to sacred music. We burn incense and sage while we talk to our creations putting beautiful loving energy into each one. It’s all about the process, the ritual, the intention. Our products began in ritual and we wish for them to continue on as your daily ritual, as you get ready in the morning, as you drive, before you sleep, whenever you wish. Luna Noel will give back to you in many ways... make her a part of your ritual and watch the magic unfold.



co-creator + alchemist


Before Luna Noel, I was dealing with a chronic illness, diagnosed as Lyme disease, that really was just a big mess of all sorts.  I quickly discovered how conventional medicine isn't  geared towards healing, but found it useful at times for support until the body healed itself.  I found natural means to be very effective once I added energy medicine into the mix.  It was a game changer.  Healing the emotional, mental, & spiritual bodies were instrumental to my recovery.   The energy field holds all the information for how the physical body will live.  Clearing the patterns for disease in the energy field allowed my body to heal easily with the aid of herbs, plants, food, + water.  It all has become so simple. And thanks to Finney, I have learned how to make the simple things in life sacred once again.  Out of our experiences, Luna Noel was created to share the information we've learned + keep learning on our journeys.  She is a platform for truth, wisdom, and love intended for everyone who is open to it.  We hope you enjoy our creations. They are not only healthy but magical, too!  

Love, Lyndsey 

Health Coach, Energy Medicine Practitioner, Medicinal Aromatherapist, Shaman


co-creator + love artist


I feel privileged and honored to have started Luna Noel with my dear friend Lyndsey. I spent a few years before this working in the fashion design space, but never felt my heart was full. I wanted to create something from my daydreaming mind that was loving, good, and happy. Something that might do a little good for someone, something from my heart. That's what Luna Noel is for me, it's a manifestation of my creative heart. It's always a new adventure for me and I look forward to everyday growing a conscious business that truly cares about it's consumer and the planet. I am so lucky to have this opportunity and hope you feel our love.  

Love, Finnigan

Student of Energy Medicine, Advanced Aromatherapist, Holistic Nutritionist & Natural Health Practitioner (in progress)