Starting at $250

Price + time is determined by square foot

Referral basis only

Our goal is to CLEAR, PROTECT, + BLESS  your home or place of business.  We come into your space and intuitively sense what will be used in your customized clearing.  We might burn sage, frankincense, myrrh, copal, salt, plant oils, or anything else that calls to us! 

  • We want to note that White Sage and Frankincense are both becoming endangered, so we use very little as to respect their sacredness and we give thanks for what we do use!




While we are clearing your home we can also suggest different crystals or items you might need for your home. We can help create altars or place crystals by computers to blocks EMFs. We LOVE shopping for specific crystals for your home and would love to help you start that part of your sacred life. Just let us know when you contact us for a clearing that you wish for this as well, no added service fee, just crystal purchasing if desired. 


Please fill out this form below for questions or an appointment. Referrals only, please let us know who referred you! We are a busy team of two and will respond to you when we are able. 

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