Seasons change and so do we. But many times, we forget to flow with the cycle of the seasons and find ourselves burned out and out of alignment. Our teacher, Maryshia Miernowska at the Gaia School of Healing, shed light on this topic recently. Southern Californians have a tendency towards a perpetual summer given the warm climate with little seasonal change and the western mentality of forever production and expansion. We have forgotten that in order to produce we must also embody fall, winter, and spring as well. This ensures that we grow back even stronger the following cycle. In a society jacked up on caffeine and other forms of energy stimulants, we could surely benefit from this lifestyle change. All we have to do is sync with the rhythm of the seasons.



SPRING// Planting seeds, beginning stage of creation and growth, manifestation

SUMMER// Creation comes to fruition with production and growth where longer days allow us to work harder and longer.

FALL// End of harvest. Time to trim or let go of what is dead, weak, or done producing.

WINTER// With only the bare necessities in tack, we reach our energy down into the void reconnecting deeply with life force energy for a period of regeneration.

By returning to the void, when spring comes we will have the energy and vitality to create, grow, and thrive.



As we are well into fall, we have the opportunity to avoid the perpetual summer and can use this time to prepare for a regenerative winter. Maryshia compared those of us in a perpetual state of summer to a Southern California rose bush that does not get trimmed in the fall. The rose bush will continue to grow without the proper cut back, but each year it will grow back weaker, thinner, more delicate. Always focusing on producing and growing, she loses steam. Creating thin branches and flowering that is minimal and delicate. She cries to be cut back, to release what is no longer serving her! Us humans are the same exact way. But in todays modern world, we keep building, producing, moving forward without taking the time to let go of the parts of us or our lives that no longer serve us. When a plant needs a part of it to die it will send out a frequency to attract bugs to eat it. The human body works in the same way. When we push the envelope we tend to get sick. It’s the body’s way of forcing us out of the perpetual state of summer and into fall where we see our typical colds and flus. So why wait until we catch a bug!? With the upcoming holiday months, take the advice of the rose bush and give yourself what you need after a long summers work and take a load off! That way come winter, your focus can shift to drinking up the life force energy of the universe. The cosmic womb of regeneration and vitality. The ultimate hibernation.



Finnigan Jones