Secret Life of Water

A Meditation on Water

Imagine yourself as water, flowing down the side of a mountain gathering minerals from the earth it travels upon. Gradually you unite with more of yourself, encountering pools + rivers of turbulence + power. You find yourself swirling into spirals, dancing through rivers + streams where you come alive with structure, oxygen, + energy. Your journey from mountain top to forest floor imprints you with vitality, longevity, + love.  A woman from a nearby town gathers you in a jug that she shares with her family. You are met with appreciation, adoration, + gratitude. For it is you they cannot live without. It is you they cannot thrive without.



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Vibratory Water

Living, high vibratory water is essential to our body, mind, + spirit. Water is more than a clear, tasteless liquid used for hydration. It is the blueprint for life, recording + transmitting information with whomever it encounters. Today, most of the water we use is dead, having undergone treatment that strips it of life. It’s path is no more a river or stream but a network of pipes that forcefully transfer it from the sewage system back into our homes. By the time it gets arrives in our homes, it is void of life giving properties + full of destructive memory.  

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Dr. Emoto's Rice Experiment

To further our curiousities on water, we decided to try our own version of Dr. Masuru Emoto's Rice Experiment. Dr. Masuru Emoto is a leading researcher in the field of water. Emoto’s studies conclude that human consciousness affects the molecular structure of water. His rice experiment is a simple way for us to understand this concept. We suggest looking up his official rice experiment on YouTube for precise directions if you’re interested in seeing how we influence water. The experiment is simple. It requires 3 glasses, rice, tap water, and labels or tape.  You fill each jar with some rice and water. The first jar will be labeled “love”, the second “hate”, and the third will be left alone. Everyday for a month, you say to the “love” jar I love you, and the “hate” jar I hate you.

The results are astounding. Love became fermented with a sweet smell, hate was putrid and moldy, and the jar neglected rotted. These findings show that us that love is healing and neglect may actually be more abusive than hateful interaction. This experiment sheds light on the healing powers of love and the destructive power of fear.  So, what type of water do you want to be drinking, gardening, + bathing with? And what type of environment do you want to be creating in your body? What are you saying everyday to yourself and others? Be mindful, we are mainly made up of water and we want to make sure we are putting positive vibrations in our body daily with words of love for ourselves and others.

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What water looks like when exposed to LOVE

What water looks like when exposed to LOVE

The Take-Away!

  1. What we think, do, or say affects our bodies physically.

  2. Positive thoughts, words, + actions foster health.

  3. Negative thoughts, words, + actions foster disease.

  4. Our body’s are keeping score!

  5. Prayer, blessing, + intentions influence the vibration.

  6. We can change the vibration or our environment beginning with what we say.

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