Meet Your Alchemist



Hi my name is Lyndsey Johnson and I am the Alchemist here at Luna Noel. Here’s a little note from me....

I would like to share a little about what got me to Luna Noel. And to be perfectly honest, I don’t know exactly how or why I got to where I am. I have ideas, but I will probably not fully understand for some time. My journey has seemed at many, if not most times, supernatural. The magic that unfolds on a daily basis is simply unimaginable for many and surprising to me still to this day. Maybe one day I will be able to explain what has happened and use human language to try to do it justice in some way, but for now I will tell you that my life has been forever changed. And I am deeply grateful. Having been through a life threatening illness that took years to recover from, I can now say genuinely that I am grateful to be alive. The lessons, skills, and tools I have learned and the people I met during this dark time turned out to be the most precious gift. A gift that had to be worked hard for apparently!

From this experience, I discovered my true self and continue to harmonize and deepen my connection to my heart, nature, and pure divine love.  At the end of the day, my job, my life, my purpose is to shine the light for those wanting to find their way back to their source. To create space and share tools with those on this journey of self-discovery and reconnection. This is what alchemy means to me. To quote our dear teacher Mary, “To turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.”  This is the intention that goes into our ritual perfumes. The plant, mineral, and water kingdoms are so generously sharing their magic with us. So that hopefully, one day, we too will remember our magic. 




My favorite food is Chocolate, all the way.

My Zodiac sign is Sagittarius.

I try to walk barefoot every morning down by the bay near my house! But I have slacked a little lately… oops.

I am a whack job, I will admit that. 

I grew up at the beach, but I look like I am from the Arctic circle.

I tap the table all day long and it really irritates Finney @finnigannoel. 

My spirit animal is a horse.

I write “Moon Notes” here at Luna Noel (sometimes Finney interjects) where I explore different questions of the universe and let you know about some things we have been studying in the school of life! 

My next Moon Note, "We Love Her, But She's Toxic" will go out May 15th! 




This is me, your Alchemist, hand-pouring some Earth Mood Elixirs on a full moon! And yes that is a rose quartz slab that I work on. :)


Finnigan Jones