The Art of Ritual Perfumery


I have to admit I love history. So much in fact I got my degree in it. This is where I found an appreciation for the past and the forgotten wisdom and knowledge that comes from it. Although I do have to say, the beauty of its resurrection is all around us.  Ancient practices and methods in agriculture, medicine, astrology, and herbalism are seeping into modern times assisting us in our return to balance and harmony with the Earth. We are beginning to integrate our past, weaving it into the present moments and future. I think there is a lot we can learn from our ancestors. Perfumery is just the start. 

 Ancient civilizations such as Egypt, Greece, and Rome held a deep connection and appreciation for the Earth and the Universe. Something I admire greatly. You can see this in the way they created and used perfumes. Simple and pure. They used ingredients such as plants and nut oils to make their scents and fragrances. The Egyptians even associated certain scents with certain gods and the Greeks used the plants as medicine.

At this time, perfumes were rare and costly, so only afforded by the ruling elite who viewed perfumery as sacred. The  perfume generally consisted of an oil, such as olive oil, that had been infused with plant materials. The plant's fragrance would seep into the oil over time giving one a luxurious scent depending on the region's flora it was created with. The oils were reserved mostly for religious, ceremonial, and ritual affairs, but they were also used for beautification and medicinal purposes, as well.  



The move from all natural to synthetic can be attributed by the Industrial Revolution. Two things changed the industry--the creation of solvent extraction and synthetic compounds. No longer was the perfumer an alchemist or herbalist, but rather a scientist, manipulating the molecular structure of plants and creating fragrant chemicals not found in nature.  Nature had been removed and with it went the soul of the plant and the artistry of the process. 

Given the sensitivities to toxins today, we find that it's a good time to bring back this ancient art and share our love and knowledge of the plants with others in a healthy way. We, as a whole, are undergoing an alchemical transition, and the need to live more harmoniously with ourselves and nature is more pressing than before. The plants are here to help us during this process and perfumes are such a wonderful place to start working with them. Perfumes are so much more than a beautiful smell! They are magic! 


Base // Water or Nut Oil
Scent // Plant + Tree Essences
Ritual // Make your Earth Mood a part of your daily routine. 
Alchemy Tools // Crystals, Sound, Movement, + Astrological Influences.
Quality // High quality, organic plants that have been loved and treated respectfully.

Our Alchemical Process activates and constellates all ingredients together to create a total that is greater than the sum of all its parts.



We love making personal scents!  Whether it is for you or your company, we would love to get to know you and create a smell and mood that represents you. Stay tuned for more updates!

love, Lyndsey

Finnigan Jones