Science of Energy

I’ve been building my way up to talking about this illusive concept of energy.  If you have read some of our other previous blog posts you will have noticed some references to energy here and there, but today I’d like to explore just what energy is. I will try to do my best to describe something intangible to our physical senses.  Something beyond our human ability to put into words, I will use the most recent science to explain the unexplainable in hopes of relating better to it.

I do believe it is always best to learn through direct experience. It helps us to understand with our entire being, rather than conceptualizing from the mind.  When an experience is coupled with knowledge, the experience is even more impactful. So next month I will be covering energy from a more experiential point of view.

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E = mc2

Remember that guy Albert Einstein? Oh yeah, that famous equation that I never really understood in grade school. It was just recently when a teacher of ours went over the equation again that the light bulb went on. E = mc2 states that energy equals mass (matter) times light (another form of energy).  Therefore, energy and matter are interchangeable. Energy is matter. And matter is energy. They are simply different forms! This makes sense because everything has a measurable frequency or vibration, even an object such as a rock, which is as material as it gets. Energy is neither created nor destroyed, only changed from one form to another...thank you Einstein. 



Enter Quantum Physics, the scientific study of energy also known as the science of spirituality. To put simply, it's the study of how the material world manifests from energy at the subatomic level. It's Einstein's equation being visibly witnessed. Science and spirituality are not usually known for being on the same page, but when scientists started to study the smallest subatomic particles called quanta they found the world of energy.  And they found that it's everywhere!

There are two important findings in quantum physics worth noting. The first is that energy or light behaves as a wave and a particle depending on the observer.  Scientists performing these experiments suggest that one's own consciousness influences the outcome of whether the electron (or photon) behaves as a wave (energy) or a particle (matter).  The second topic I'd like to mention is the concept of quantum entanglement. Quantum entanglement shows that particles that used to be joined in some way will affect each other no matter how far apart they may be. Energy, its everywhere and its all connected. 

The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.

-Nikola Tesla



Okay, so everything is energy, but what does that mean for you and me?  There are different forms of energy and some are in alignment with you and some are not. When our energy is in harmony, it is in tune with the Great Symphony of the Uni-verse, aka the One Verse.  Everyone and everything has an important tune to play together to create a beautiful melody. A Great Composer has created this intricate web of different frequencies to all play in harmony together.  If we each tune into our own unique frequency we can play in harmony with everything.  

Here on earth, there is a lot of dissonant, or unharmonious, energy created by toxic emotions, behaviors, thoughts, chemicals, and much more. People have fallen out of tune with their authentic self, the part of us that is an extension of this Great Symphony. To align, all we have to do is align with nature. It's as simple as that. This is why we have created Luna Noel.  To encourage, educate, and support the reconnection back to your authentic self so you can thrive.  We love you.


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Finnigan Jones