Meet Your Love Artist- Finnigan

Hi Luna friends! If you follow us on social media you probably are like, there is someone besides Lyndsey at Luna Noel?! Well, thats because I am the girl behind the scenes. I am always taking the photographs and doing design work. Lyndsey says its time you all meet me and we start putting me out there, so hello! I have been dubbed the "Love Artist" for many reasons, the main reason is probably because I love love and give a lot of love. That mixed with my obsession with aesthetics and design, just makes me the Love Artist. Lyndsey is science, I am art. It works for us. 

I began my career in fashion, assisting, design, working as a fit model, just all the things. Now, I study plants and energy and this is just a much better fit. Now, I am way more pleasant to be around, well in my opinion I am, but some people might think differently. I hope to keep doing this work and become more connected with Mother Earth and help people in whatever capacity I can. Thankfully, Luna Noel gives me a platform to do so, I feel very blessed. Also, simply, I just try to be a better person every single day and that's about it. Sometimes I am, sometimes I am not, but thats life. 
Thank you for reading, I think Lyndsey and I will pop in and write about ourselves every once in awhile, because why not and I would love for you all to get to know us.

Nice to meet you,


Photos by Anna Gex @annnagex



 I LOVE cats. I have three boys; Caspian, Bams, and Hank. They all own my heart. If you want to date me, you better like cats.


 I am a Capricorn Sun, Cancer Rising, + Pisces Moon. For those of who care about that stuff, I just gave you a lot of inside information.


 I play music for my garden. CURRENT JAMS: Willie Bobo.


 I LOVE theme parks, Disneyland, Universal Studios.. speaks to the kid in me.


 My laugh is SUPER loud and SUPER obnoxious, but I think its because of all the years I held it in.


 I am currently in 7 different academic classes, I am thankful, but I think it's getting excessive. (No, I am not in college)


 I love my family, I got lucky there.


 I am an extremely magnanimous creature. You could punch me, I would mad for a minute, then hug you.


I LOVE people. I just love them.


I LOVE airports. I do not know anyone else who loves them, but I just think it's so exciting. The coming, the going, the planes, the waiting, the people...


 My life goal is to fly a little plane like my Grandpa Bud.

And that is all! XO 

Finnigan Jones