how an earth mood is born


We spend a lot of time making an Earth Mood! Every full moon we start making our little ones because that is when the universe's energy is the most abundant. We start by delicately hand pouring the oils into each bottle. As we do so we hold specific intentions in our hearts for each individual perfume. The perfumes start to become infused with intentions of either divine connection (clouds), heart opening (sea), transformation (desert), or embodiment (woods). Next, its time for those magical crystals! We drop a few crystals in each bottle and hear them clink to the bottom. Now it is time to add yummy living water! We fill each bottle up to the top and voila! This is the infancy stage of the Earth Mood. The little babies sit for 28 days while their scent fully matures, if you spray before then you will notice they are quite faint. As they get time hanging out in their respective bottles their scent really starts to transport you to another realm. Simple + beautiful craftsmanship + artistry in every single thought + movement for an Earth Mood.