Smudging is the act of burning sacred herbs that then call in the spirits of the plants to help drive away negative energies + restore balance to a space, person, or object. Smudging or Sacred Smokes can be traced back to the days of the Ancient Egyptians + seen used across cultures all over the world as a way to cleanse + purify. The use of plant aromatics, oils + smokes, were considered perfumery that not only gift a pleasant smell, but cleanse energetically, ward off evil, disinfect, set the mood for sacred ceremonies, + send prayers to the heavens. People have a long history of connection to plant spirits, a connection crucial to our own survival + well-being.

DIRECTIONS | Burn each plant in an abalone shell or dish as you give thanks + prayers during meditation or cleansing ritual. There are no rules, you make your own.

This kit includes…

WHITE SAGE, SALVIA APIANA | A sacred plant burned one leaf at a time to drive out negative energies + spirits. Used to purify people, places, + tools before sacred ceremonies. *Sustainably sourced by Native Americans in New Mexico.

PALO SANTO | South American “Holy Wood” protected by the government + only harvested after 6-10 years after a natural death. Repels insects, clears away evil spirits + energy, protects, soothes, increases trust, + aids in overcoming. fears. *Sourced responsibly from Peru + supports the reforestation efforts of Palo Santo

LAVENDER | Restores balance + creates peace as she draws in loving energy + spirits. *Harvested on our farm in Santa Barbara, Ca.

SELENITE WAND | Named after Selene, the Greek Goddess of the Moon. When you do not want to burn herbs, use her to clear by waving her over your body or objects. Cleanse her in the moonlight, she is the softest of all the crystals and water soluble.. Wonderful for travel. *Sourced from New Mexico.

AMETHYST ARROWHEAD | Amethyst protects + purifies negative energies or attachments. Arrowheads were used by Native Americans + symbolize protection, courage, + strength.

TEALIGHT CANDLE | Light to call in prayers, intentions, + loving energy.

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