I'll start by saying, I've never left a comment about any kind of consumer product before. I'm not someone who gets attached to products or brands in general. I usually try something once and then move on to the next, but I'm experiencing a first here...I LOVE THESE PERFUMES. I was fortunate enough to receive a bottle as a gift, and it is now my everyday fragrance. Woods is my Earth Mood of choice. I truly feel like I'm glamping out in the sequoias every time I spray it. The scent is Christmas meets hiking through a magical forest. It's such a natural and calming, yet original scent, I even wear it to bed...seriously, I can't get enough of this stuff. Amazing aroma aside, it feels good wearing something that I know is environmentally and health conscious, and that I'm proud to talk about when someone asks me what I'm wearing (which happens all the time because I now smell like a forest fairy goddess). Do yourself a favor and try Woods. - Kate


Dear Luna Noel,

OMG! The package arrived and I meant to write you immediately! I absolutely am crazy for the packaging and the bits of straw. Made me think " home grown". 

The little satchels are like the shell that holds the jewel within. In Yoga there is a mantra" Om Mani Padme Hum". It is sacred and speaks to the jewel within the Lotus of Life as well as other interpretations. 

Love and Light,



Great news!! I just received your lovely package with the perfumes!! WOW! I'm totally in love with both and really like everything about them: the packaging, the quotes, such refined scents, the crystals inside. So grateful!

It really feels like special pieces and I noticed your intention behind the side where you explain the element, chakras, crystals, and plants - I think that by reading it, it gives even more life to each scent. Learning more about how it could make us feel, really resonated with me :) I think the perfumes also highlight how personal a fragrance is. - Sonia